Friday, 31 August 2012

Canberra Holiday Photos

I wanted to share a few of the photos I took on our trip to Canberra now that we are home. I used my phone to take photos so they aren't great but it certainly makes sharing them easier!

First up we went to the Australian Reptile Park, which doesn't just have reptiles...

Look at the turtles eyeing the Sail-Fin Lizards tail

This is the Australian Institute of Sport where you can take a tour...

The Australian National Botanic Gardens...


 One of the many beautiful trees flowering this time of year...

This place was great, most of the snakes and lizards were active while I was there, the man working there was really nice and very knowledgeable. If you ever visit Canberra I strongly recommend you visit them.

The Australian War Memorial...

Taronga Zoo...

I love visiting new zoos so I was pretty lucky to visit three of them this trip. My husband was working so unfortunately we didn't have the time to visit the Canberra Zoo. I do have some more crafty things to show you soon - I need to finish unpacking and get all of our clothes washed first!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Canberra Mural

The best thing about going for long, long drives to new places is being able to see murals painted where there would ordinarily be an overload of graffiti.
Wouldn't it be great if all councils could organise murals in order to prevent graffiti?
I found this sports building in Canberra with some amazing paintings of cats.

Friday, 24 August 2012


Well I am on holidays at the moment and I had these grand plans of writing a blog post on my laptop, but of course the internet isn't working at the hotel... So here we have an attempt at using blogger on my phone while sitting in three car park!

According to our car it's 6 degrees outside and my fingers are freezing, I really should get some of those touchscreen gloves.

We have so far visited a reptile park where funnily enough my highlight were two cute, young wombats.

And for now I leave you with a photo of the wombats asking for attention!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

June 2012 - Create for 365 Days

My summary for June 2012 - Create for 365 days...

You can check out all of my photos here at Flickr. 

093: September and October watercolour calendars.
094: Contact covered spiral notebook - see how I did it here.
095: Glittered gift tag.
096: Rhinestone letterbox numbers.
097: S and V etched wine glasses.
098: Pen holder using a milo tin.
099: Bookmark featuring a watercolour flower.
100: Pink shell disc wire wrapped pendant.
101: Another wall plaque of Ray.
102: Blue painted glass jar.
103: Another set of coasters for my house.
104: Pendants from some really nice shell buttons.
105: Bookmark of a panda done in watercolours.
106: Fluro fish stamped mini card.
107: Wall plaque of me and Ray skimboarding at Fraser Island.
108: White shell disc wire wrapped pendant.
109: November and December watercolour calendars.
110: My "blobby" fox drawing - blogged about here.
111: Mini stamped birthday card.
112: Blue glittered glass jar.
113: Trixie's new doggy jumper.
114: A bag for Ray's helicopter remote control.
115: A big dog jumper for my local animal shelter.
116: Another dog jumper for my sisters dog, Lexi.
117: New rat house from a salad bowl.
118: Zippered pouch for my sewing machine supplies.
119: Green shell disc wire wrap pendant.
120: My "blobby" female figure drawing - computer edited - blogged about here.
121: Repaired this mahjong set - it was badly damaged in the post.
122: Started framing my "blobby" drawings!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Carved shell stamp

I love the days where I wake up and straight away start a new project! This morning I wanted to carve a new shell stamp. My mum bought me a set of shell stamps for my birthday when I was a kid, but of course I have no idea what I did with them!

After about an hour, here is the end result...

I'm happy with how it turned out and quite enjoyed carving this simple design. One day I will research mounting ideas so it is easier to stamp. 

I know not to superglue it to a piece of wood! This is what happened:

Hopefully someone else can learn from my mistake. I spent ages carving these stamps to use for our wedding invitations and was so upset after I glued it to the wood.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Origami Balls Vase

You might remember this post where I told you about the vase I filled with origami lucky stars - although technically its the vase that is filled with toilet paper tubes and lucky stars.

Well, I have finally made enough small origami balls to fill up my other large vase! In my origami book these are actually called the multiplex challenge. I have to fold 12 sheets of paper which are then slotted together to create these origami balls.

And yes, this one is actually full of origami balls, no cheating for this vase!

For my next vase (when I find the right one) I have started on origami cubes, I need something to do while I watch TV!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

May 2012 - Create for 365 days

My Create for 365 days summary for May 2012...

You can check out all of my photos here at Flickr.

062: July and August watercolour calendars.
063: Butterfly cabochon pendant.
064: Scrapbook paper bookmark.
065: Wall plaque with a photo from our wedding.
066: Tiled coasters for my house since my favourite colour is blue and my husbands is red.
067: "Blobby" drawing bookmark.
068: Glittered photo frame with a stamped mat board.
069: Wire wrapped pendant - I call this one a sunset as the stone has a gradient from light to dark orange. Much prettier in real life.
070: Red chrysanthemum hair clip.
071: Stamped and coloured bookmark.
072: Another infinity scarf for my MIL for mothers day. I kind of used this tutorial, but I just folded my material in half to have 1 piece so I only had to sew one seam up the side.
073: Glittered gift tag - lesson learnt to keep out of reach of not only the cat, but also the husband until it dries!
074: Wire wrapped pendant using a dark blue gemstone.
075: A doggy jumper for Alfie.
076: Magnet pegs for Oma.
077: Another wall plaque photo from our wedding.
078: Toadstool stamped and coloured bookmark.
079: Black glittered shell gift tag.
080: My tuna can pincushion - Pincushion: Felt flower tutorial by Yoonie:
081: Wire wrap pendant with a funny blue speckled gemstone.
082: Blue felt flower hairclip - Tutorial by Yoonie:
083: Mini silver card with blue glittered boat wheel.
084: Blue salad bowl rat house.
085: Blue contact covered spiral notebook - tutorial:
086: Black glittered anchor gift tag.
087: Another felt flower hairclip in pale purple - Tutorial by Yoonie:
088: Another mouse for Dash.
089: Lucky stars in a green Buddha shaped beer bottle from China called "Lucky".
090: Another felt flower hairclip in reddy pink - Tutorial by Yoonie:
091: Black glittered birds gift tag.
092: Etched "18" beer mug.
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