Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Denim Jeans Dog Bed

A long, long time ago (probably last year) I was walking past a window display and saw a rug and bean bag made from jeans. They looked great and of course I had old jeans with ripped knees that I no longer wore.

Rather than make a traditional style beanbag I wanted to make her a round cushion type bed so I made a template and spent forever coaxing thick layers of our old jeans through the sewing machine... I finished the top and then it got put in a box and forgotten about!

Trixie had a beanbag that she loved as puppy which has been sitting in the garage since her and Alfie ripped holes in it while playing tug of war with it. Since she already spent one winter without her snuggly bean bag I thought I had better get her new denim cover finished for autumn.

Now that it is finally finished I'm happy with how it looks, Trixie thinks it's comfy and she has a ball when I put her toys in the pockets!

The bottom and sides were much easier to sew since I cut the jeans up and simply used them as fabric. I quite like the bottom, and I'm thinking of making a denim cover for our Poang armchair... that hasn't been added to my list yet!

What did I learn with this project? That bean bags need long zips, otherwise it is a pain to fill them with beans. It is horrible and frustrating to sew through multiple layers of old jeans! The wrong side of denim sometimes looks really cool - I mixed and matched the different jeans as well as using the right and wrong sides for this project!

Just because it is cute, I thought I would share this scrapbook collage of Trixie on her new bed.

All I need to do now is figure out where to put her bed, at the moment it is in her favourite spot at my desk - where I have to move it constantly and climb over it!

Trixie's new bed was featured over at I Gotta Create!

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