Friday, 26 July 2013

Padded Camera Strap Cover

We spent a lovely day at Australia Zoo this week, which meant playing with my new camera. Luckily the day before we went to the zoo I decided to try out the bigger lens when we took Trixie for a walk - the strap that comes with the camera is incredibly uncomfortable, especially with the heavier lens!

So that night I quickly made a padded cover for my camera strap!

The padding in the strap really helped my neck, while the zebra fabric matched the zoo theme - in particular the African exhibit!

Using the bigger lens was definitely worth it to get photos as close as this! I will be making myself a new strap with a lot more padding before our next big outing.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Custom Camera Case

After finally getting my new camera, I realised I would need a case for it! But of course I don't want to carry around a camera bag as well as a handbag so I opted to buy a small camera case that I could then put in my handbag.

I found a cheap one on eBay that was plain black and would fit in my handbag along with all of my other necessities... but I got this one with Canon EOS written on it!

For the price I paid, I quickly got over it and decided I might as well see if acrylic paint lasts on a camera case as well as it lasted on my stone mushroom (which is still going strong in my garden).

So I painted that front section blue, which means I no longer have a Sony camera in a Canon case. I wasn't expecting it to turn out that well, but I have to say it actually looks good! I painted it the same way I would if I was stenciling - brushing the paint on just moved it all around the vinyl (I think it is vinyl). It took quite a few layers to get the coverage I needed.

So far the paint is holding up well, if it stays nice I plan on painting flowers on it similar to my blog banner. The blue paint has to last for a couple of months worth of general wear and tear before I decide to put in the time and effort!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Spotty bird

Quite awhile back I found this cute pattern by Spool Sewing and now that we finally bought a new printer I printed out the pattern made one of their cute birds! I over stuffed mine, but I think he still looks cute sitting with my orchid.

It was a nice quick project, and I'm thinking it would be cute to add some little wire feet to the bottom. 

Now that I have had my creative distraction, I really ought to get back to the projects that need to be finished!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Ironing Board Cover

I have been sewing for over a year now, and have only just sewn a new ironing board cover! I have bought covers for it that have never fit properly, but accidentally ironing a piece of interfacing onto my ironing board gave me the push I needed to actually start this project!

Luckily I had plenty of the grey and white IKEA fabric leftover from my first floor cushion. This was a pretty quick project to sew, apart from threading all that elastic cord through the casing. 

Now I have an ironing board cover I actually like, and one that fits properly - the joys of being able to sew!

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