Monday, 7 October 2013

Wood burning

At one stage I decided I wanted to try wood burning, so I got out my trusty plastic melting soldering iron and had a play with some scrap wood. It didn't look that great, but I blamed it on the wood I used, along with the fact I was using a soldering iron and bought a proper wood burning tool anyway!

So far I am finding that while sometimes it is the wood that is the problem, for the most part I'm just not that great at it. It doesn't help that I only found one wood burning tool, and I don't think it's all that flash.

Rather than wasting  my time doing scribbles on scrap pieces of wood, I found a cheap pack of wooden spoons and got to work. 

Even though I'm a total novice, I'm happy to add these to my kitchen and hopefully with lots of practice I will get better - or I'll buy a better wood burning tool. 

With Christmas getting closer, these spoons will be put to good use making rumballs - let's hope that unlike last year we don't end up with another snapped wooden spoon!
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